Monday, July 4, 2011

My Hero(s)

This week I decided to participate in the 4th of July Challenge at the Rainbow Lady's Challenge Blog. I thought this would be a fun challenge to do as I could incorporate a old photo I have of my Dad and my Grandpa in WWII. My Dad and my Grandpa are my heroes. They are men with integrity, courage and valor. Both were instrumental in the success of the US in WWII and my Grandpa played a significant role in US military history. In addition, they both worked very hard to create a great life for their children, and they are role models for me. The challenge required using red, white, and blue as the color theme, and the only other requirement was that the piece was patriotic. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Looking Outside Her World

Yesterday I found a challenge on Theme Thursday that I wanted to try. This challenge was to use a border in your art. In addition, I found a fairy digital image on Digital Two for Tuesday that I just fell in love with.

I decided to use a manila tag as the base of my work as a tag is relatively small and easy to finish in a weekend. The base for this tag is a card that my mom gave me. I loved the look of the leaves and stems on the card and thought it would be fun to use as a base. I glued it to the tag and then smeared on alcohol inks and Lumiere. Once it was dry I sanded the edges and other various parts of the tag base and then smeared on more ink until I achieved the effect I wanted.

I printed out the fairy on white glossy card stock and then painted her with watercolor pencils. I added a bit of Stickles to her dress, wings and flower to make her glow. I wanted to make her look like she was in a bubble looking into a different world than her own, so I outlined her image with brown watercolor pencil and then smudged it to make the barrier between the fairy's reality and the outside world murky. I finished off the tag with two rows of ribbon to meet the borders requirement and a trio of flowers to further emphasize the difference between her world and the outside world.

I had fun working on this tag, and I hope you enjoyed my process. Thanks for looking.

Starting Over

I entered into the craft blogging scene back in 2008 as a means to meet new people and to find new avenues of inspiration. Over the next year and a half, I participating in many crafting challenges focusing on paper crafting and mixed media techniques. I really enjoyed the time spent on those challenges and I decided to try out a juried ATC group. I submitted my artwork for my first swap and received a polite email from one of the group's moderators heavily critizing my work, from my technique to my interpretation of the theme. I was stunned! There was not one positive piece of feedback in the email and the quiet anger from the moderator about the quality of my work was disturbing. How dare I submit inferior art! I quietly quit the group and stopped crafting. I spent the next two years focused on my family and my job and put the crafting side of me on hold.

This weekend, I decided to resurrect my blog and start crafting again. I found blogs that I used to frequent regularly and caught up on what bloggers were doing. I cleaned out my old blog posts, set up a new blog format, and started creating.

I will continue to look at various blog challenges for inspiration, and will post my work hoping to inspire others. I will not be concerned about meeting the expectations of others as I will be creating solely for my own enjoyment. Sure, I will link my work to the challenge blog, but the need for validation is no longer hanging over me.

I feel free to do what I want to and to express my creativity as I see fit. Who knows where it will lead me....

Welcome to my journey.